Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journey to Higher Standards

Today, a very good friend of mine posted in Journey To Sand Castles about a few different topics and I had a lengthy comment to share.  However, for some reason, even after several attempts I wasn't able to post the comment.  I have decided to share my comment as a blog post instead but it will make more sense if you take a moment to read her post first.

"Your rant sounds so familiar, it's almost like I could hear your voice actually telling it to me. Oh wait! That's probably because we've had these exact conversations before...minus the Moose Munch Coffee which you've never mentioned.
I haven't seen the movie, but thought it looked good. I agree with you that there is WAY too much sex in movies these days, especially since I have a baby about to turn 13 and wouldn't want her watching half of the PG13 movies I've seen even though I know that due to not living in a bubble she probably already knows about all of it anyway.
Without having to see the people you're refering to, I completely agree! PUT CLOTHES ON PEOPLE! I'm a size 2 and wear a one piece bathing don't have to be naked to look good. Ladies, wear something that fits and you'll look so much better! Boys, chances are you probably don't have anything we ladies want to see. So save yourself some embarassment and cover your scrawny, pasty selves.

I would like to clarify for those of you who don't know me that my "baby about to turn 13" is actually my younger sister.  I don't have children, but have siblings who are much younger than me.

I would also like to clarify that wearing bathing suits and two pieces in not only acceptable, but expected during warm weather.  However, respect yourself enough to cover what ought to remain covered.  When you're on the beach with friends or family (or in a family friendly location), you shouldn't look like you're shooting a PlayBoy centerfold or a spread for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Hustler is definitely out of the question.  You can be sexy and attractive without being a slutty hoe.

Guys, I know its hot outside, but wear a t-shirt or tank top, please unless you are in one of the locations Chelsea* mentioned as acceptable.  I have a neighbor who never wears a shirt.  The only time I see him going into or out of his apartment with a shirt on is when he is leaving for work or has just gotten home from work.  But, after work, he goes into his apartment and within five minutes comes back outside without the shirt.  This is why I refer to him to my family as "my shirtless neighbor" instead of using his name.  I'm sure he's simply attempting to display his masculinity, but I'd rather he didn't.  I'm sure his wife also would prefer he clothe himself in public.

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