Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ellie and Molly: Baby Dogs

My dachshunds, Ellie and Molly, are almost 17 weeks old and have just started to lose their baby teeth which is wonderful for me since they often "accidentally" bite me while they play.  I have finally uploaded pictures from the first few weeks I had them - back when they only weighed 3-6 pounds each as opposed to now weighing in at 10.6-12.4 pounds each.



Ellie and Molly cuddling with a couple stuffed animals.

Ellie and Molly lazily wrestling in bed with all the toys.

Molly and Ellie playing tug-o-war over a peanut butter flavored chew bone.

The girls fell asleep listening to Samuel Rice of RunR play live at the Duck Inn.
 My cute baby dogs...I love them!

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