Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving...well, I survived it. I'm rather content with this as I wasn't so sure it would happen. And, then it almost didn't happen. My family is crazy (They know this, so I'm not hurting any feelings.) and can be incredibly stressful to be around all at once. Add to that the many ways that my family has changed in the past months (marriages, divorces, babies, and new significant others) and it was bound to be an "interesting" evening. My expectations were, of course, spot on. Awkwardness and tears were most definitely present at both Thanksgiving dinners; however, this is not what almost killed me.
While driving to my Mamaw's house in the rain, the front brakes of my car decided to lock up in the middle of a left turn. As my car began to drift and then spin out of control, my engine died. Originally, I was headed toward the trees to the righthand side of the road, but as my back end spun around my front end I began to slide toward oncoming traffic without the ability to steer. I unexplainably came to a stop facing the opposite direction I had intended, crooked across the two lanes of the road that no one else was using. My car was undamaged. I was uninjured. No one else had been inconvenienced by my spin out. It was terrifying, but perfectly fortunate. As always, the food was delicious once I finally made it to my Mamaw's house. Seeing my younger siblings was pretty awesome too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh, Happy Day of Birth

I just realized that I haven't yet posted anything in November.  Over time, I am becoming increasingly slack in my responsibilities as a blogger and I apologize to you and to myself for that.
I last posted about my first meeting with my Big Brothers Big Sisters "Little".  Since that night, I have picked her up three more times to hang out.  We went to Boo at the Zoo where we collected candy, walked through part of a zombie-filled haunted house (and then turned and went back in the direction we came), and pet ginormous snakes (I did.  She didn't.).  We tried a new restaurant and found it to be delicious.  And, we've been to an arcade.  I think I might have to start being less cool so we can do less expensive activities...maybe bake cookies or make a craft together.  We'll see.
Also, I have become a fan of hockey!  I've attended two Evansville Icemen games and intend to continue to spectate whenever possible.  After my first game, I got to attempt to make a goal which I, of course, failed to do due to my lack of athletic ability.  However, a couple of my friends were more successful.  Last night, I took my dad to the game as my birthday present to him and it was great - the beer cups were filled from the bottom using a magnetic mechanism which is really cool and during the second period a double fight broke out.  Once the game ended, Dad and I quickly made our way onto the ice and found the bloodstain!
I again watched RunR play a great acoustic set this weekend.  It was spectacular, and I was reunited with members of DeafMegan who I haven't seen in at least four years.  I was also hit on by a middle-aged 'gentleman' who had enjoyed several adult beverages prior to my arrival at the estabishment.  Although this awkward encounter was rather unwanted at the time, it has made for a great story and was incredibly entertaining to those who witnessed it.
Today is my birthday and it has been better than expected.  I was awake almost before the sun and went to work.  Luckily, the day flew by and I was able to run a couple errands (playing with puppies at PetSmart and buying 'Lord of the Rings: Two Towers' from the $5 bin at WalMart) and be home just before the sun went to bed again.  I am now relaxing with my feet up while the puppies frolic with their toys and fret over the storm warnings.

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